Monday, May 18, 2009

Say What You Want To About Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney is a warrior! The only one in the GOP with the guts to take on the Obama machine. Who do you trust more with the security of our nation? A clown like Obama or a real leader who cares nothing for cultivating some sort of movie star persona. Obama is too busy campaigning and getting photo shoots with his shirt off to tend to the real business of running this nation. He is and always will be inadequate and ill prepared. A clueless embarrassment. A pampered and effeminate elitisit. Cheney is smart and can get the job done. No girly man here. I will ever be grateful to him. I also love that he cares less what the left thinks of him.

Iv'e been waiting for 8 long years for Bush/Cheney and the rest of the "I'll take the "High Road" Republicans to defend themselves against the ridiculous lies and blame put on them by the unwashed leftists in Congress and the leftist press.

I’m glad Cheney is giving them now what they deserved long ago. The truth shall set you free!

To the lefties who want to smear Cheney with misleading and ideological nonsense, I say, bring it on!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Anonymous Bloggers and people with Personal agendas.

Blogging is a FREE marketplace of ideas and opinions. That is a place that is very dangerous to the powers that be.
I won’t let these hate mongers and phony posters with their agendas to run certain blogger off the web and to discredit our good people get away with anything. Thus bloggers should not invade other people's blogs, and get involved in personal attacks and beating racial and religious or personal beliefs such as abortion sentiments. That is blatant abuse of Blogs and the media.
People like Lynne and other bloggers that use foul language and tha post without a blog to respond to should not be allowed to “hit and run”.. I’ve seen her nasty comments deleted by the blogger on several blogs and hat is EXACTLY what should be done. I know it takes work and it takes constant monitoring bu it’s the only way to put these people out of their misery. They really belong in an institution and should not be allowed any place near a computer. For some people the blog seems to be a kind of semi-passive psychiatrist. They need help and they should not be allowed to disrupt the on going daily pleasures of others.
You can not reason with people like LYNNE, she and other anonymous blogs never admit that they were doing anything wrong because they don't have to.
Writing under a pseudonym (even though it's actually the same name I go by in everyday offline life as well, and even though my "real" name is easily uncovered if it's that important to someone) has only ever caused me consternation when someone disagrees with something I've said so virulently, and happens to also be so incapable of justifying their own opinion, that they decide "why are you afraid to tell us your real name?" is somehow a sensible and rational substitute for an actual argument or conversation.
I know I�m being sort of a complainer, but there are a lot of things I need to get off my chest. People like LYNNE and the others I have described here just get me pissed off. Although I am giving them the satisfaction they crave, I have to say it. Hopefully she and the others will crawl back under the rock from where they came.