Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Going Green?

Are you sick and tired of hearing all of this going green crap? Barack Obama is telling you to keep your thermostat on 68, wear sweaters and drive bitch-cars. Put air in your tires, ride your bikes to work. Liberals actually believing we should put sails and solar panels on our car and only drive during windy and sunny days. Use public transportation or battery operated cars that cost $100,000 and ride like a quad from pep boys. They tell you all this while riding to the airports in huge black entourages of SUVs to their private jets, that will take them to their huge mansions where they will put their thermostats on whatever they want. Doesn’t it bother you that when gas was $4 a gallon in the summer and we couldn’t afford to go on vacation, most of the democrats just left on a nice 5 week paid vacation and thumbed their nose at the people who elected them to serve? Why did speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi go on a book signing tour for a book no one bought and refuse to drill here and drill now?
Why do people who vote democrat side with these hypocrites and retards? These are the biggest idiots in the world and people keep voting them into office! Do you actually have to live through four years of misery with these same jackasses that caused bad energy policy and the economic collapse, to learn your lesson?
Ok, they win, I will start this MORNING by letting all the libs know that I am now going GREEN.. So I threw all my McDonald wrappers, napkins and cups out the window while driving my SUV down the highway.
I then took all my bottles and cans out of my recycling bucket and placed them in my trash can while tossing my old truck battery in the woods. I mean, it’s only acid and the trash truck wouldn’t take it.
I then changed my oil and dumped the oil down the sewer drain.
After hysterically watching some ducks strangle themselves to death from my plastic six pack tabs I threw on the ground, I urinated in the pond by my home and tossed my can of Monster energy drink in the water.
I'm not finished either, as I then booked a flight to San Francisco, so I can add weight to the jet that will fly 2875 miles, pumping tons of carbon into the enviroment. I will fart as much as I can on my way to the ‘green’ conference I will be attending in liberal San Francisco, where I will be speaking about what I have done to harm the enviroment by doing nothing that would be considered ‘green’. After I leave the ‘green’ conference, I will again, fly home to the airport where I will pick up my SUV and drive home. I mean, isn’t that what Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore do all the time?
No sir not me my friends, I'm going to continue to add carbon to the air until the government gets off our backs! If you’re a liberal, keep going green, but don’t tell us we have to eat less and drive less. Remember, you people are the stupid ones, so you just keep on going green. I'm going carbon baby!


  1. If only they would come up with a cool way to tax me for making carbon. That would be really great! They could call it....some really neat CAP AND TRADE! That would really be cool. And we could pay taxes on absolutely nothing and get absolutely nothing. And Barry and his best buds could make lots more money. Wow, that would be great!

  2. Yeah, that putting air in my tires is what really gets me steamed!!! Who do those trolls think they are???

  3. have to admit that your rants brought a little smile to my face. yup, enjoyed the reads just as you predicted i would.

    i think what you're saying in this post is that the dems need to practice what they preach or better yet, is that a "do as I say, not as I do" attitude?

  4. Since we are a carbon based life-form, your proposal only makes sense! So let's all carbonize!

  5. I heard someone the other day say "my goal in life is to leave the biggest carbon footprint I possibly can. I want the world to know I was here!" Made me laugh. Sounds a bit like what you're doing. I say go for it, it's a free country... almost... for now.

  6. Well, don't forget, you can do whatever you want like flying in private jets all the time and heating your ten thousand square foot house as long as you purchase "carbon offset credits". Just ask Al Gore, he knows all about that little farce.

    This "green" crap is the biggest scam going!


  7. You are retarded on many levels.

  8. Huh. Given that the amount of carbon that's released into the atmosphere on a daily basis from pricks like you would be more than enough to kill you instantly, go for it! hooray for carbon baby!


  9. Ah, I see you attracted the balless wonder with no name. Lucky you! The biggest detriment to global warming is when a liberal opens his or her piehole and lets a lot of hot air escape. TAX THEM!!

  10. Well oh well another Anonymous Creep from the left
    Talk about Hypocrites!