Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rush, Michale Steel and Obama.

The stupid Dems waste so much time, all the time! In my opinion, they should be working overtime undertaking the issues like the economy and the war and the free gas, cars and everything else that they promised the voters like health care, taxes, and after that, the bailouts. I want action, not a lot of bs. What do I get? Yada yada yada about Rush Limbaugh.
Rush took the democrats out behind the woodshed Saturday night at the CPAC conference and they are still smarting. Michael Steele's backside is also smarting a little too. In my opinion Steel is another loser. Elected only because "You know why"!
Can't this jerkoff realize that Rush is one his side?
Memo to Michael Steele. You ain't black enough for the Dems to like you...and you never will... Stop reaching out to the Democrats to us to support us. It ain't gonna work. You'll have more success siding with Rush. I doubt if you'll take my advice but, you're welcome anyway

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