Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is This Chutzpah Or Am I Dreaming?

Tim Geithner vowed to go after wealthy Americans who shield money in tax havens....
Some of us NEVER trusted this commie. The only difference now, is our mistrust has been justified. What's it going to take for this country to scream, "enough is enough"! When is the justice department going to go after the crooks in the congress and senate?
Is the fox guarding the hen house? Obama you are a bigger moron than I thought....Or is he?
This idiots first 30 days has been a major scam of dumb bills, crooked appointees and a welfare-pork bill, that will do nothing for the economy. As he screams in his ‘community organizer-dictator’ voice filled with anger to the slobbering drones tonight, one thing should worry you. THIS BILL IS STILL ONE PILE OF CRAP THAT WILL RUIN ? AND HAS ALREADY RUINED, THE LIVES OF MANY AMERICANS FOR YEARS TO COME!
Get rid of the paybacks and payoffs in the bill. ALL OF IT! Americans should be furious at Obama after that BULLSHIT speech he just made! Americans should want to hang Pelosi and Reid for this bill. What in the world are Americans thinking? This bill will do NOTHING for the economy or jobs and they know it. They will blame Bush in 3 or 4 years when this bill accomplishes nothing but skyrocketing tax increases and Jimmy Carter unemployment numbers.

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  1. Excellent rant. I couldn't agree more with every word you said!