Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm about to offend a lot of people, but so be it..

Apparently, some people think that I'm actually racist, and that I'm the the personification of evil because I speak about race so openly.
I have just read one of the MOST racist blogs that I have ever read and the author of it talks about nothing else but about hoe racist the White people are.
Sure American has some racial problems, I'm not foolish enough to deny that. But t
his nation has surely come a long way in solving most of those problems. I would thin that it's fair to say that in today's job market the Blacks have a better chance of being hired than Whites do.
Look at the employees in the retails and food stores. Look ate the employees in hospitals and in the court rooms. Blacks are Doctors and Lawyers and restaurant waiters and school teachers and everything else.

This blogger talks about
stereotypes and segregation in the military. Well yes it was true, but that was 50 years ago. Come on now, we don't see that today. Maybe a scattering of it here or there, but that's true about any race. I have to wonder just how old this "Geezer" is?
Just because there is still a way to go doesn't mean we haven't come along way. And all this talk about slavery! God am I getting sick of hearing about that!
I think having pride in your race is a good thing as long as it doesn't cross the lines of racism. Do we all know the difference? Does this guy know the difference? He talks about Black is Beautiful as if ONLY Black ware beautiful. There is nothing wrong with prefering to marry someone from your own culture or even socia-economic status. Racism and sexism is in the bottom line of what you want for other people. If you were to fight for black rights by uplifting black people, you'd be engaging in a race based exercise, but positive. If you were trying to uplift black people by bringing white people down, negative racism.
As for the youths being trouble makers, I've noticed it in all races. If the children of this generation turn out to be uncontrollable brats and troublemakers then it's the generation that raised them that are the culprits. Although I will go so far as to say, I have noticed that Asian children are much more well behaved and polite and intelligent to boot. here are kids of every race. They are little shits. They are kids. It is not so much their fault at the parents.
But since you have dumped your bucket of crap on everyone else, and mostly on my race (white) I have to tell you..For God sakes man, get over yourself.


  1. I find it hilarious that any time black people express anger over racism you folks get your panties in a wad.

  2. Actually most of the time when white people hear of racism we try to combat it. We don't want any race of people to be hurt or ignored.

    I agree with what actor Morgan Freeman said concerning race. He said that the only way we as a people will overcome race is when everyone stops bringing up the terms "white man" "black man" "asian man" etc.

  3. It is absolute insanity for people to assume that a white person can be racist, yet a black person can not. As a matter of fact, by the way some people speak, ONLY white people can be racist.

    People are human (duh) and it doesn't matter what they look like. How ignorant and arrogant is it to think otherwise?

  4. Sounds like the only ones with "Their panties in a wad" is race baiters that just cannot let it go. Still voicing outrage is just a way of baiting people and drawing them into a silly and petty argument.

  5. There will always be racism in this coutry no maatter how much affirmitive action or government programs you do. It is with human nature to be bias. Howvever,at the same time,I don't think we are a racist country,and if you work hard,don't play the victim card,you can and will succed in this country.

    I also find it funny how the liberals see everything through a scope of race, genger,sexuality, or anything else they can make up. While the rest of us deal with each other either as Americans or human beings.

  6. Please don't fall for The Gray Headed Bastard's game. For over a week now, he has been SPAMMING all of the conservative blogs by copying and pasting the same dumbass comments everywhere, (including the one he left here in this comment, which he also left at our blog today - his second comment at our blog today).

    When he first hit our blog and the others over a week ago, I checked his pathetic, racist blog out and saw that he had ZERO comments. Unfortunately, his race baiting tricks worked as many of the bloggers who got spammed by him checked him out and began posting comments at his hate filled blog.

    Apparently, the comments died out a bit so he spammed us all again this morning. He is a complete LOSER, who can only get people to pay attention to him and his blog by making outrageous statements and accusations, and injecting race into every single issue, then spamming other blogs saying "look at me", "look at me". He's also now following many conservative blogs, in an effort to obtain attention and reciprocity.

    It's too bad that he has been rewarded by garnering the attention that he was so desperately seeking. My suggestion to my fellow bloggers would be to completely and permanently ignore this pathetic jackass troll.


  7. If you are a racist......... I am their Equivalent of the Anti Christ...............

    I have been speaking about about reverse racism for months and months and post after post to show, what biased and racism is against us, not others of another color.

    They can't have it both ways!!!!

    Affirmative action leveled the playing field, actually it didn't it made those of us that fought for the rights of EVERYONE at a disadvantage. We have a black POTUS. This shit needs to stop.

    If he is spamming others blogs like that, I would then say you are speaking the truth and he doesn't like it. He wasnt to play the race card until his last breath. People I believe are being to see the inequality and racism against whites, are speaking out and telling it like it is.

    Keep it up...........The more voices the more we are heard. The more the reverse racism will end.

  8. Gray-Headed whiner aka "Chip Bitterman". Go sing some Paul Robeson tunes already and get over your cheap imported self.

  9. Cpdcodpurr:I agree. Those folks who fought for the rights of minorities are being bit by "Affirmative blacktion" and it has to go. Racism is racism and I wish that one day the 'minorities" would get it already. You can't ask to be treated equal while taking advantage of a law that requires you be hired or qualify for special government grants based on your race. But then again a lot of minority folks think and act like the definition of racism means that only white people are capable. That sort of thinking is just stupid and uneducated. And racist.

  10. It sounds as if I kind of hit a nerve!

  11. The ONLY nerve you hit, jackass, is annoying people by spamming your asinine comments on everyone's blogs.

    If your posts at your blog really had any merit, they would have gotten attention and you would have earned yourself a following. But, you're a failure, your blog had ZERO comments, so you decided to resort to spamming blogs, just so you can finally have some people hitting your blog even if it's just to argue with you. So, give it a freaking rest, loser.

  12. My panties are not in a wad AT All. I am however tired of everything being my fault!!
    I think this is a great post. By the way, my family is comprised of every nationality from Indian to Jewish, to Irish, to Black. I think if you look at all of those nationalities you will find they have all been supressed at one time or other, yet, who screams and yells the loudest? Get over yourselves so we can all get on with life.

  13. To the people that support that RACIST PIG, HER GRAY HEADED BROTHER!
    It’s called free speech. We all have a right to our opinions and are free to express them.
    But hate speech. Is not my style, and will not be tolerated here.
    That's what the GRAY HEADED BROTHER'S blog is about.. So go there to write your hate. I have no sympathy for people who choose to believe in hatred

  14. Wow, this is idiotic, you white supremists should take down your Confederate flags and go fuck yourelves.

  15. I love the way ignorance and stupidity hides behind anonymity.

  16. Granmma,that's why they use the name "Anonymous" it's a pet name for liberals. Anonymous said...