Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The apple didn't fall far from the tree

Obama wants to keep Burris, a perjurer and a public joke that denigrates all Democrats because Obama wants the extra vote in the Senate. Notice Obama always does the wrong thing for his own economic or political expediency. Did you notice? Are you asleep? The only time Obama takes the moral, ethical or legal action is when the public FORCES him to - like with Daschle and Rev Wright. Obama is not a natural born leader and doesn't know anything of practical importance. He is a natural born con man. He has a dollar sign where his soul should be. It's sad and it is now becoming dangerous for the entire country. Obama is unethical and Americans can feel it in their guts more and more. The press is invested in "their boy Obama" since they passionately promoted him so now they continue to overstate his popularity. It's called truth by assertion but it doesn't work for long. Exactly like Noam Chomsky warned - the press is now trying to MANUFACTURE CONSENT. His high number with an accurate sample was more like 59% and now it is dropping like a rock. Obama sold out long ago. The day can be pinpointed. It was a day when he was still an affirmative action quota system beneficiary at Harvard Law School. (He and the press continue to try to suppress this truth. Why? It's not necessarily bad) The law review had a standoff between the two bright white kids so they threw it to the handicapped black kid to break the stalemate. Six years older than the other students, suffering from attention deficit disorder and barely able to scribble out his homework with his grotesque cursed left clawhand....his homework was graded on a curve. (a clawed left hand is the sign of Satan in the Bible) Obama got through it because he delegated everything and politically kissed white student butt. The newspapers wrote a blurb about a black guy on law review and the story played in Chicago. Tony Rezko read it and actually flew from Chicago to Harvard and made Obama an offer he couldn't refuse if Obama would return to Chicago. Obama agreed. That is the exact day Obama sold out. But to be fair to Obama there is a reason he is empty, void of a strong belief system and vulnerable to unbridled corruption. He wasn't born into a family to give him any real values. His mother was an atheist floozy on food stamps who abandoned him and his con man father was a criminal, a bigamist, exploited the USA for a living, and killed other people due to his chronic alcoholism. The apple didn't fall far from the tree and Obama the Second learned to exploit the USA and also has an addictive personality. He still lacks the personal strength and integrity to quit cigarettes. So once you put this in perspective you can understand why this second version of Obama is such a mess and has no moral compass to ground him. Obama constantly says one thing and does another. Did you notice? It's more than a trend people. You can argue that it's not Obama's fault for turning out to be this type of hypocritical and superficial manchurian candidate. But the fact remains that we have a big problem on our hands. And what should we conclude about the rest of the Democrats originally willing to be seen associating with this Obama character? It reminds me of the white people willing to entertain the notion that OJ could've been innocent because blacks were asserting it so loudly and angrily. Wake up people - sometimes the butler really did do it and sometimes trash from Chicago really is corrupt. Like.... always. The tsunami of payback to Democrats around Obama is already coming into view. Don't be a fool and think the rage is coming just from Republicans. It's much much bigger than that. Byrd has wisely hit it on the head when he said Obama is stealing and you should listen to Byrd. He knows a thing or two and is a sweet older gentleman. Listen to him and respond to the alarm bells. Listen to Byrd if you want this country to survive the Obama mistake. Obama is just trying to get away with some down home ghetto boosting. Shoplifting in a preciously overtailored jacket. Security!

People are fearing for this country for good reason. Far and wide people are really really outraged and some will inevitably take action so Democrats please repent and try to rehabilitate this inauspicious start. Show you can act like restrained adults because you are terrorizing the country. Democrats...you are blowing it big time.

To make matters worse Eric 'the insulter" Holder was overheard saying "Obama will not demand that I apologize because I am black and Obama understands we must maintain a lower standard of responsibility for blacks. Plus, Obama secretly agrees with me that all white people in this country have been cowards regarding race. Change you can believe in does not include requiring blacks to tow the same line as whites and actually be accountable for their words - are you nuts? I don't plan on enforcing the Constitution equally either but don't quote me on that." ~love eric

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