Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are we in terrible danger?

We are in terrible danger. The poorly read and inexperienced Barack Obama clearly does not have his act together. He also subconsciously, if not even consciously, believes the allegedly racist and imperialistic United States has victimized the dark skin peoples of the world. Our victims are only dishing out some well deserved “blow back.” Hard power policies therefore of little value. We must emphasize a softer approach.

What Hussein Obama will do most likely is this: they(Liberals and Appeasers like Kerry, Obama, Biden, Soros, Carter, Albright, Condi Rice, and cohorts, etc etc) are banking on the freemason European mullah Khatami(with ties to Germany and Austria) to get “elected” as president in Iran in June 2009. In fact Khatami’s hands were thoroughly soaked in blood when he was president before Nejad came into power. He is the smiling wolf in sheep’s clothing of the murderous medieval Tehran regime. A mullah pig with European lipstick on.

Khatami, Kerry, Carter, etc. all drink from the “same well” adopting and being agents of the European traditionalist elite(e.g., Ayatollah Jack Straw) who have a warm spot in their hearts for the Shiites and the mullahs of Iran, and in general for Islamists everywhere. Kerry loves to go in bed with Hamas, some say literally!

God help us if Euro-agent Khatami becomes president of Islamic Republic of Terror in Iran: it will mean the “Grandest Bargain” we have ever seen in the history of the world, one between Hussein Obama and Khatami.
And when THAT occurs, we can all kiss ‘regime change’ a long and real good-bye in Iran…or in Washingon, DC!

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  1. We might not be able to have regime change in Tehran,but Article II of the Constitution can resolve the DC's problem.