Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama or Rush?

You liberals/socialists/obamaworshippers/democrats are a bunch of whiney knuckleheads. What do you want? There's no chance the pork filled stimulus package is going to fail, you control both houses. What you don't like is that someone has a different political view or philosophy than you. Why are you scared of Rush Limbaugh? Is it because he states his position clearly and he backs it up? This stimulus package is a pile of &^%$. Let people keep the money they earn, get rid of the income tax, get rid of capital gains taxes, lower corporate tax rates, implement a fair tax, let people own the land under their houses and stop trying to suppress free speech. By the way, Paul Krugman is a socialist pretending to be an economist. The Nobel peace prize he was awarded is about as important as the giant snake I won shooting targets at the county fair. Any socialist will be given an Nobel prize. Also, I just read that the Obama's private chef is moving from Chicago to the white house. Yeah, the Obama’s are in touch with the common man.

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