Friday, February 27, 2009

Whats Going on here?

There are 300 Million people in the US.
144 million don’t pay any taxes- they are the takers
30 Million Pay 70% of the taxes – they are the givers
The President and Congress take from the givers and give to the takers.
And he's not allowing the tax deductions for the so called rich for home mortgages, or tax deductions for charities. And I'm sure there are many many many more we will hear about as soon as congress takes time to read the budget. It won't effect dems, because they don't give to charity. I think this was for Sean, Rush, & O'Reilly, they give millions to charities. When was the last time you hear a lib give anything to charity?

The takers are getting fed and the givers are getting fed up. Doesn’t the President and congress get it?


  1. This is exactly what you'd expect from a Marxist.

  2. It is called welfare and theft. Welfare for the moochers and theft at the barrel of a gun for the producers.

  3. Chris, thanks for stopping by my blog. As far as your question on whether they get it, they truly believe they got a mandate for change in the last election. They will bull ahead with this plan at their peril I believe.

  4. Of course they get it, Chris. They're getting ALL of IT from us!