Friday, February 27, 2009

OK, lets just walk out of Iraq . And come back 2 years later!

Having served in the Marine Corps, I felt very uncomfortable for the Marines who sat patiently waiting for the late obama and were overall quite reserved in their applause. I'm sure that they were told no outbursts. Obama was classic when he referred them as " fellow soldiers" . . .I almost puked right there and then.
Obama went to Camp Lejeune. He spoke in front of US Marines, but his real audience was his left-wing campaign supporters. And his carefully worded speech - its parsing of language worthy of Bill Clinton - may go down in history as his "Mission Accomplished" moment.
It was truly pathetic. He did not once mention the word democracy, that Iraq is the only arab nation to achieve one? That the surge worked? Is this man capable of speaking extemporaneously,from the heart, like his predecessor? I did not notice that his audience were sitting on the edges of their seats, hanging on this every word, but they politely applauded on occasion. If George Bush had visited them, they would have brought the rafters down.
Obama's announcement was a political move that simply used the Marines as a photo op..
Didn't he say during the election that we must stop killing women and children and bombing villages in Iraq and Pakistan? And yet he has done exactly that himself.

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