Monday, February 23, 2009

Bobby Jindal

I am a big fan of Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal, as well as several other Conservative voices that have finally made themselves heard after this last (horrible) election

Jindal is more than just a reformer with an immigrant background. A Rhodes Scholar, he is one of our party’s big thinkers. Unlike the man to whom he’ll be responding tonight, accomplishments not rhetoric have marked his rise to national prominence. He actually had executive responsibility before taking the helm of the Bayou State. He was the youngest president of the University of Louisiana system.

He also headed headed Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals and has served as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. In short, he’s the ideal man to respond to a president who wishes to make health care reform a national priority.

I hope that Jindal give a great response to Obama’s attempt to sell this stinker of a stimulus package. In some quarters he will be severely criticized for his “belief” in intelligent design……….. I will let him answer his critics

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