Saturday, February 21, 2009

Queen Nancy and her Jet

Has Pukey Pelosi given back her taxpayer paid $5 million/year private jet yet?obama says everyone has to sacrifice. What's Pelosi sacrificing? It's time she had to travel like the peons out here: fly the friendly skies of commercial airlines. Oh, but that would cause her to have to breathe the same air as we peons, maybe touch shoulders with us or, G*d forbid, sit next to us in an enclosed cabin, having the same movie and meal options as we have.

Good grief, Queen Nancy would never agree to that. Once an entitlement goes into effect, it's rarely rescinded.

Now that she's got the jet, she won't dare give it back in order to save taxpayers a few million. She's too big to be allowed to fail. Folks, we're being had. We're only valuable to Pelosi when she wants more tax money or needs us to get herself more power. What a greedy, spoiled, narcissistic, holier-than-thou woman who's as corrupt (her husband's dealings) as the rest of them. Some example she's setting for the rest of America.

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